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Ebon Fisher (www) / The Bionic Codes

In an effort to help expand the ethical vocabulary within the wilderness 
of cyber-culture, I have codified a series of moral operations in the 
likeness of circuitry. Lines of communication connect spheres of 
sentience with probes and contact points, suggesting a variety of 
different links between thinking entities. I am not inventing a language 
so much as attempting to liberate a fibrous mesh of wires and nerves 
which resides deep in the center of our scientific culture.

Although my Bionic Codes also draw upon numerous spiritual and romantic 
traditions, it must be said that these Codes are not meant to be prudish 
or to invoke sin, that abusive mind-bender of the middle ages. Rather 
they are fertilized by wild invention, and a need, in this cynical age, 
to unleash some positive disturbances. THEY ARE NOT RULES. They are an 
optional and flexible system of social algorithms, problem-solving devices, 
to be utilised in any combination.

In addition to the small set of codes presented in this animation, there 
are others appearing on stickers, T-shirts, installations in museums, 
nightclubs, and other media. I am presently incubating a bionic world, The 
AlulA Dimension, in which many of the codes operate as ritual elements. 

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