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Stephen Linhart (www) / Mind's Eye / Cynosure
"Mind's Eye" brings to life an endless variety of hypnotic animations. Well, not quite endless. Actually, there are just over a billion of them. "Mind's Eye" makes them. You watch them. They're mesmerizing.

My work focuses on two areas within the domain of interactive digital art. I work with abstract visual art, both in still images and in screensaver (or stochastically generated) visual presentations. At the same time I am pursuing an aesthetic of non-linear literature in my work on the Web and in hyperfiction.

In both these areas I find a tension between constructed interactive structures and parameterized realms of experience. Both literature and screensavers are sequential experiences in time. The interactive aspect of the experience places new demands on the artist.

Exposition is not possible in the usual sense within an interactive or stochastic presentation. It becomes necessary to offer rather than show since the very structure of the experience is a collaboration with the audience. My role as an artist becomes that of creating an experience-space rather than a single experience or manifestation.

  noun. A center of interest 
  or attraction. [from the 
  Greek 'kunosura', Ursa 

'Cynosure' is a study in motion. The sequence in which the images form is of importance equal to the images themselves. The process of image formation is controlled by a gravitational simulation moving through screen-space and color-space. The result is then mirrored through any of three complex symmetries.

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