organized by Paulina Bebecka

Come one, come all,
from Postmasters’ get to roll
under the green tree
in the paper of color;
to see the sheen
of a smile so bold
once they stumble and fall
from many joys
art brings to girls and boys

Postmasters Gallery is transforming into an art market to cater to your love for the arts and your gift shopping needs. We will feature works, big and small made by very bright young artists. Whatever your desire for a perfect gift, we will have it: you want a piece of hair with your collage? We got it. You want a dog’s mouth? We got it. You want a treasure map? We got it. You want a coyote tail? A breast mountain? A lion coming out of a captain’s beard? A set of wooden blocks? Maybe even a painting? We got it all for every pocket.

Participating artists:

Hackworth Ashley       Shinsuke Aso
Agata B.       Jennifer Brantley
Zach Cregger       Brian Cronin
Ira Eduoardova       Thomas Gluibizzi
Dan Gluibizzi       Hands On
David Herbert       Suzanna Kohly
Michelle Matson       Jenny Morgan
David Mramor       Seamus Mulholland
Kader Muzaqi       Chris Oh
Steve Oh       James Prez
Naropa Sabine       Jenny Salomon
Sarah Smizz       Eric Taylor
and others...

Postmasters Gallery, located in Chelsea 459 West 19th Street (corner of 10th Avenue), is open Tuesday through Saturday to 11 - 6 pm. Please contact Magdalena Sawon at 212-727-3323 with any questions or image requests.