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December 9, 2010 - January 8, 2011
opening reception: Thursday December 9  6-8 pm

:Eat Me Images:Playlist.pngEAT ME!
a show about indulgence in edibles and copulation
organized by PAULINA BEBECKA


Monica Cook, 2009, Succi, oil on canvas, 48 x 48


selections of favorite online videos by artists, writers and musicians
organized by PADDY JOHNSON (Art Fag City) with STEVEN STERN

During the month of continuous celebrations letÕs rejoice in the most important activities of our lives, the consumption of edibles and copulation with a show of works by SEAN BLUECHEL, MONICA COOK, MICHAEL MEADS, and MARILYN MINTER. The exhibition is set to music: S MARK GUBB's church organ interpretation of the Europe's very fitting tune "The Final Countdown". 
It is quite obvious that eating and fornicating are activities residing on top of the list for beings of all sorts, including the Homo sapiens. If we could have our way, we would probably spend our entire days just nibbling, grazing, and devouring food as well as our sexual partners, be it a person, another animal, or our own hand. These corporal activities are complicated by our inherent gluttony and insatiable desires; where the need for eating and reproducing is indisputable, the Òperversion [here] is the exercise of a desire which serves no purpose, like the exercise of the body which gives itself up to love with no intention of procreation.Ó[1]
MONICA COOKÕs painting, ÒSucci,Ó lures us with a literal clusterfuck of insatiable indulgence while MICHAEL MEADSÕs photographic portraits provide an insight into young menÕs minds and their imaginative sexual explorations, which took place in his studio during the '90s.  SEAN BLUECHELÕs work is a portion of absurdity and humor with a dash of perversion and a pinch of ridicule, served on standard white paper, finished with a sharpie. These drawings provoke us to recognize and face, with laughter or discomfort our own dirty minds. If anyone can make peas or lemons look sexy, MARILYN MINTER is the champion; here we present six paintings from the series 100 Food Porn.
Instead of discussing it in much more detail, as we all know these activities too well; I wonÕt write a PhD about it, IÕll just show you what happened when these artists encountered, thought about, twisted and churned out work with food and sex in mind.
                                                - Paulina Bebecka




A response to ÒPlayÓ, the GuggenheimÕs recent YouTube exhibition and exercise in co-branding, ÒPlaylistÓ is about how people actually use online video today. ItÕs a peek at the ÒfavoritesÓ of a select group of artists, writers, and musicians; an exercise in sharing, taking place in the old-fashioned realm of actual public space. It doesnÕt add anything new to the world--instead, it looks at the strange archival richness thatÕs already there on the Net.



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