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Tirtza Even / CityQuilt. 
"CityQuilt" was conceived in memory of Michael Schwartz, who died of AIDS on May 17 1994.

The piece is comprised of two navigable video quilts programmed to allow the user to navigate across an imaginary canvas of indoor and outdoor scenes of New York. "CityQuilt Outdoors" is navigated along an endless stretch of city sites shot from a bird's eye view, while "CityQuilt Indoors" pans over the face of a building.

Motion of the two movies is activated by rolling the cursor over the inside edges of the frame. The movies are layered one on top of the other. By pressing the mouse down over the center of the frame each movie can be peeled and removed to expose the layer beneath it.

"CityQuilt" is presented as a prototype for a new type of documentary whereby navigation through a video canvas makes use of space as an interface (or metaphor) for the representation of other types of sequences (e.g. temporal, thematic).

"CityQuilt" has been shown in various show cases in New York City, San Francisco and Barcelona. A paper discussing the piece can be found in the ACM Multimedia 95 Proceedings.

Conceived, shot and programmed by Tirtza Even Interface Design by Meirav Solomon-Dekel

The production of CityQuilt was made possible through The Interactive Telecommunication Program at N.Y.U. and the guidance of Dan O'Sullivan.

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