Born in 1965, Redondo Beach, California
Lives and works in Brookyn, New York
1987   BFA, State University of New York, College at Purchase; 
       Concentration in Photography under Jan Groover. 
Solo Exhibitions
2001  "Go Fish, Postmasters Gallery, New York
       go, fish, guestbook
2000   Media Z Lounge, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 
       performance of "glasbead." 
1999   Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY, 
          "glasbead (pmg)" installation. 
Group Exhibitions and New Media Projects
2001  "Bitstreams," curated by Larry Rinder, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
        "The Once and Future Web,"  The National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland
       "Net.Ephemera," curated by Mark Tribe, The Moving Image Gallery, New York
       sketchbook page from earth
2000  "VRML-ART," SIGGRAPH 2000, New Orleans, Louisiana 
      "glasbead"  Art Gallery, and the Web3d Roundup. 
         "New Media, New Face - New York." curated by Takuo Komatsuzaki,
         NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan. 
       "glasbead (icc)" 3 station networked installation
        VIPER International Festival of Film, Video, and New Media, Basel, Switzerland 
        Web3d 2000, Monterey, California
       VIPER International Festival of Film, Video, and New Media, Lucerne, Switzerland 
1999   VIPER International Festival of Film, Video, and New Media, Lucerne, Switzerland 
          Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Williamsburg, NY
        "Durer Animata" 
          "War," Postmasters Gallery, New York 
         "Serbian Skylight" 
          Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Williamsburg, NY
          "VRML-ART," European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Germany
         "VRML-ART," Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum, Paderborn, Germany
1998   "Outlook 98," Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY
1997    Studio Five Beekman, New York, NY
          "World Views," curated by Elizabeth Christensen, Deutsche Bank Gallery, New  York
1992    "Real Furniture/Fake Furniture,"  The Chicago Athenaeum, John Hancock Building,    Chicago
           Gallery I/O, New Orleans1989 
           "Portraits of Women," Richard Gasperi Gallery, New Orleans
1987    Lieberman & Saul Gallery, New York
2000    The Golden Lasso Award for Art; SIGGRAPH 2000, Web3d Roundup. 
Academic Positions 
2000   City College of New York; New York, NY. Visiting Artist, game design theory. 
2000   Zurich Capital Markets, New York
       "Market Ecosystem." A real-time ecosystem simulation based on market, currency, 
               and weather data, installation on the trading floor. 
1999   Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA
       "The North Atlantic Slave Trade." A mapping component used to chart slave ship 
               voyages from Africa to the New World based on user defined criteria. 
1997   Deutsche Bank Gallery, New York
       "World Views" outdoor diorama installation 
Zurich Capital Markets, New York, NY. 
Deutsche Bank NA, New York, NY. 
Private collections worldwide. 
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